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6" Edge Lit Base Kit

6" Edge Lit Base Kit

$ 30.00

You will need a drill, 1/8th acrylic drill bit and a 6-32NC tap, these items are not included.

Our Edge Lit Stand Kits give you the ability to turn your acrylic into eye catching designs!  You simply laser etch your art work into your sheet mount in the base.. that easy..

Our Edge Lit Stands are comprised of extruded aluminum that house a 1/4" thick acrylic sheet. There are two or more braces on each end depending on size chosen to keep the fixture stable on any table, counter, or display case. At each end of the fixture, there are 1/8" mounting holes that allow you to use the supplied threaded set screws to securely fix the sheet to the fixture. 

Each kit will ship with a light fixture, 5050 LED strip cut to size, two set screws, hex wrench for set screws, 12V 1A Power supply and a remote for controlling the light fixture. Instruction guide is also included.

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