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Black Pearl Pinballs

These Pinball's are black and guaranteed never to chip or flake. They will not rub off on your flippers and ramps like other coated balls. You are looking at the same integrity of a standard silver ball with a twist.

Please read the following information about the Black Pearl Pinballs before continuing. Black Pearl Pinballs are made from 1-1/16 carbon steel ball bearings, with the exception of the safe cracker balls which are 1 inch carbon steel. We do a chemical process to make them black in color. This process CAN NOT rub off on your game and the ball it self will not flake, chip or craze. It is physically impossible to rub off, as the only way to remove the black from the ball is mechanically. It is imperative that you DO NOT tumble the Black Pearl Pinballs unless you want them to go back to a silver ball.

Please keep in mind that the Black Pearl Pinballs are sold as novelties. They are a nice addition for your pinball but they are not indestructible. They do wear in the SAME way that a normal silver ball would wear. The only difference is that it is a black scratched ball compared to a silver scratched ball. Regarding the color, since the ball is black, if your pinball is dimly lit or you play it in the dark, the ball may be harder to follow. Newer games or games with LED light make seeing the ball easier. But some people have stated that they just simply have a harder time following a black ball as opposed to a silver ball. You have to rely on your own judgment if this novelty is for you.